Thursday • 2006-09-07

Pakistan - Japan   4 : 0

4:0 (2:0)


Xavier Adel (ESP)
Hamish Jamson (ENG)


9'   1:0 Sohail Abbas (PC)
12'   2:0 Rehan Butt
64'   3:0 Sohail Abbas (PC)
68'   4:0 Shakeel Abbasi
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Pakistan proved themselves worthy of their World Cup winning record in their first match of the Hockey World Cup 2006.

Japan started defensively in an unsuccessful attempt to keep hold off their opponants. After just 12 minutes Pakistan found themselves already two goals in front. Abbas delivered one of his infamous short corners in the 9th minute, and Butt found the back of the goal just 3 minutes later with a stunning reverse hit to the far corner from the right.

Despite this, the Japanese remained passive and Pakistan switched to defense, though they still threatened the Japanese defense at times. By half time the score stood unchanged at 2:0 with Japan unable to convert any of the short corners they were given.


The game stayed the same well into the 2nd half with Japan remaining in their own half and Pakistan dominating the play. Keeper Akbar stood strong the few timest the Japanese actually made it into the Pakistani D. Only once, at Ito’s unbeatable shot in the 59th minute did the Japanese manage to get around him, though the shot rolled just wide of the post.

The Pakistani lead was increased in the 54th minute when Abbass successfully converted a short corner.

Japan now found themselves utterly defeated after Abbassi’s penalty increased the Pakistani lead yet further to 4:0.

Overall it is clear that Pakistan deserved their victory over the team they outpaced throughout. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 19.05.2024

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