Saturday • 2006-09-16

South Africa - Japan   2 : 5

2:5 (0:2)


Xavier Adel (ESP)
Sumesh Putra (CAN)


7'   0:1 Kazuo Yoshida (PC)
25'   0:2 Akira Ito
37'   1:2 Ian Symons (PC)
47'   1:3 Toshiaki Fukuda
58'   2:3 Ian Symons (PC)
61'   2:4 Mitsuru Ito
67'   2:5 Toshiaki Fukuda


Japan beats RSA in a pretty average match 5:2.

The South Africans made far to many technical mistakes to have any chance to victory. The first half Japan was the more active team while South Africa lost the ball for too many times. Therefore Japan could score an early goal in the sixth minute. Japans' first penalty corner was flicked by Youshido and the ball landed into the net. The South Africans had only two chances in the first half.

The penalty stroke in the 23th minute was tipped in by Tsubouchi and the score was 2:0. In minute thirty-seven Symons flicked the ball into the left triangle after a penalty corner.


10 minutes later the engaged Japanese remuded the old distance. The good combination on the right side and Fukuda only had to put the ball over the line. Afterwards Japan missed to score more goals.

Surprisingly South Africa was able to come closer in the 57th minute. Again it was Symons with a good flick after a penalty corner.

In minute sixty and sixty- seven Japan was able to get through the confused South African defense and scored two more goals.

A completely earned victory of the lively Japanese against tired and uncertainly working South Africans. So Japan goes in the match for rank 9, South Africa must strive to become not the latter of this World Cup. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 25.04.2024

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