Thursday • 2006-09-07

India - England   2 : 3

2:3 (0:1)


Murray Grime (AUS)
Hong Lae Kim (KOR)


28'   1:0 Shivendra Singh
53'   1:1 James Tindall (PC)
57'   1:2 Simon Mantell (PC)
61'   1:3 Simon Mantell (PC)
66'   2:3 Dilip Tirkey (PC)


The English team hat the better start and controlled the match, but did not succeed in creating dangerous situations. India in comparison was always very dangerous with quick counter attacks. The match was very tactical in the first half, with little room for combinations. The first real opportunity was for England, when in the 25th minute captain Ben Hawes tried to score with a penalty stroke. But his shot was no problem for India`s keeper Chettri.

On the other side English goalie Fair did not have the slightest chance, when Shivendra Singh after a wonderful combination with Khandkar scored the lead. England now put more pressure on the Indians and again got a penalty in the 33rd minute after a stick tackle. This time Simon Mantell tested his luck, but missed the cage to the right. Two missed penalty strokes, that was not a good omen for the break.


In the second half England kept pressing, but again was not able to score. Good luck for the English that India stayed defensive and tried to hold the lead. And then England scored: In the 51st minute Tindall converted a penalty corner, followed by Simon Mantell in the 55th minute, who sent a penalty corner rebound into the net.

Not enough with that, in minute 60 again Simon Tindall scored the 1:3 lead for England after a very nice penalty corner combination with two dummies. By then India was fully in the match again and pushing towards the English circle. And with another penalty corner in the 65th minute the Indian captain D. Tirkey sent a blazing shot into the very left corner of the goal. India wanted to equalize, and in the 66th minute they got another short corner. But this time Tirkey`s shot was more to the middle, and keeper Fair made the save – three points for England.

All in all England deserved the victory despite the poor convertion ratio, as India just did not do enough for the match. With two matches already lost, the competition get’s tough for India. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 20.05.2024

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