Saturday • 2006-09-16

New Zealand - Netherlands   0 : 3

0:3 (0:1)


Andy Mair (SCO)
Satinder Kumar (IND)


34'   0:1 Roderick Weusthof
41'   0:2 Taeke Taekema (PC)
49'   0:3 Roderick Weusthof (PC)


Already after two minutes, Timme Hoyng won the first penalty corner for his team but Taeke Taekema missed the goal. Then the game took mainly place in mid-field. In the middle of the first half the Netherlands pressured on New Zealand's circle. Keeper Kyle Pontifex saved against Taekema and three times against Karel Klaver. As Teun de Nooijer has already surrounded the goalie, Blair Hopping cleared on the line.

In the minute 23 the Blacksticks had their first hit on goal by Phillip Burrows. Afterwards Guus Vogels saved a nice shot by Hayden Shaw after a penalty corner. Now the Oranjes were very unlucky because Rob Reckers hit the post first and then Roderick Weusthof wasn't able to score in two tries. In the 33rd minute Weusthof´s stroke found the way into the net. This lead was very earned by the Netherland's team.

During the break Oranje-Coach Roelant Oltmans talked to Vogels and changed the keepers. Back-up goalie Klaas Veering had to clear against Burrows immediately. Then Taekema increased on 2:0 after another penalty corner in minute 42. Pontifex saved again, this time a hit by de Nooijer. Three minutes later the Oranjes got a penalty corner gain and now Taekema passed on to Weusthof who marked the 3:0.


From this point the match was done, both teams seemed like they are waiting for the final-whistle. Bryce Collins got the last chance to score for the Blacksticks in the 67th minute. Only de Nooijer kept on fighting because he liked to top his award "WorldHockey Player 2006" with a goal.

New Zealand's coach Kevin Towns agreed the Dutch dominated the second half. But nevertheless Hayden Shaw is very proud of the performance his team showed in the tournament.

In Oltman's opinion the match was like the whole tournament for the Dutch. They created a lot of opportunities but were not able to score. After the 3:0 the match was done, he said. Then he talked about de Nooijer's abilities because he combines tactic and speed very well. He added with a smile on his face: "The only thing he could do better at the moment is scoring."

De Nooijer said, he is very disappointed of his team's performance. But with the award he can take home some positive things as well. He thanked all people who voted for him. In especially he mentioned that this award wouldn't have been possible without the support of his team-mates. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 14.06.2024

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