Friday • 2006-09-15

New Zealand - England   3 : 4

3:4 (2:1)


Murray Grime (AUS)
Amarjit Singh (MAS)


29'   1:0 Hayden Shaw (PC)
33'   2:0 Ryan Archibald (PC)
35'   2:1 Simon Mantell (PC)
46'   2:2 Glenn Kirkham
54'   3:2 Simon Child
60'   3:3 Simon Mantell
70'   3:4 James Tindall (PC)


The first game of the day increased very slowly. New Zealand didn't do a lot and England started to attack on the right site with Jerome Goudie. In the 6th minute Simon Mantell missed the goal of the goalie Kyle Pontifex who played his first game in this tournament today. Then England got many long corners but was not able to use them. The penalty corners by Richard Mantell were saved by Pontifex without Problems. Now New Zealand played better, a pass by Blair Hopping to Philipp Burrows could only get cleared because Bryce Collins pushed the ball over the ground-line. After the following penalty corner in minute 29, Hayden Shaw flicked and the ball was deflected into the goal by England’s goalie James Fair.

Four minutes later H. Shaw marked the 2:0 after another penalty corner. England kept on fighting and got a penalty corner after the final whistle. R. Mantell deked the flick, passed to Bevan Hari and Pontifex saved. The rebound was used by S. Mantell.


After the first half the umpires needed to be changed because Amarjit Singh from Malaysia hurts his knee and gave up. The match was finished by reserve umpire Xavier Adell from Spain.

Six minutes in the second half have already been played when Glenn Kirkham made the equalizer after Goodie’s pass. In the 55th minute Fair saved a hit by Ryan Archibald but the rebound was used by Simon Child with a backhand stroke.

Now, England fought again and S. Mantell scored after a pass by Jonty Clarke nine minutes before the end of the match. Both teams got the chance to make the game winning goal, but Philip Burrows and the English James Tindall and Martin Jones failed.

In the 70th minute Pontifex kicked a high ball out of the circle and the penalty corner was used by Tindall who hits the ball through the Goalie's legs, new score: 3:4.

New Zealand's coach Kevin Towns was very disappointed how his team lost today. Nevertheless he lauded the English team because they did exactly what they had to do. Jason Lee, the coach of England, was very happy that his team is under the top six nations know. In especially because his team was very tired today and it was their worst game in this tournament so far. Hence it is much nicer to win in spite of problems. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 14.06.2024

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