Sunday • 2006-09-10

Korea - South Africa   2 : 2

2:2 (1:0)


David Leiper (SCO)
Christian Blasch (GER)


21'   1:0 Jong Hyun Jang (PC)
49'   1:1 Lungile Tsolekile
50'   2:1 Hyo Sik You
59'   2:2 Wayne Madsen


At the beginning Korea got a lot of space. They dribbled well to the South African circle but there they were stopped by the keeper Chris Hibbert. He had a good positional play and saved the passes on Seong Jung Kang, Sung Hoon Yoon and Nam Yong Lee.

In minute 25 Jong Hyun Jang's flick after a penalty corner marked the 1:0. Now the Asians played more defensive, only Thornton McDade got the chance to score.

The second half included a lot of bad passes on both sides. Yoon (penalty corner) and Lee (free hit) were not able make another goal and also South Africa didn't use its opportunities. Korea tried to flick to their wings but the strikers couldn't control it.

In minute 49 Lungile Tsolekile was able to deflect a hit by his team-mate into the goal. The German referee Christian Blasch decided to ask the video umpire who said the goal will count. Three minutes later Yoon passed to Hyo Sik You who scored in minute 52.


Now South Africa was playing better and faster. The game became more interesting for the spectators. They started to cheer if the men of South Africa showed nice combinations. In especially they chanted as Goalie Hibbert saved against Kang, Yoon and Woon Kon Yeo.

In the 60th minute McDade passed to Lloyd Norris-Jones who shot on goal, the reflected ball rolled towards the line and Wayne Madsen was able to push the ball through the Korean defender Chul Kim. So South Africa scored the equalizer and the crowd was going mad.

The last ten minutes captain Bruce Jacobs and his men defended only and saved the point.

"It was hard work during the last 25 minutes today", said South African coach Paul Revington. His team played beautifully and he is happy with the draw. His target is it to keep pool B exciting. Sung Jun Cho named the draw a bit unlucky although his men played well. Now Korea has seven points like Germany and it is on the way to the position which they have expected. Both coaches made clear who important that loud and nice crowd in the Warsteiner Hockeypark is. The teams took a lap of honour. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 20.05.2024

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