Saturday • 2006-09-09

Japan - New Zealand   0 : 1

0:1 (0:0)


John Wright (RSA)
Hong Lae Kim (KOR)


43'   0:1 Simon Child
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The match was influenced by many turnovers and bad passes on both sides. The observers saw a better game before. Germany against the Nederlands was much faster. Japan tried to score but they were always stopped by the big defenders from New Zealand. In minute seven Akiro Ito missed the goal. Then defender Dean Couzins from New Zealand saved against Kazuo Yoshida´s flick after a penalty corner. A few minutes later Philip Burrows got the chance to score.

Mostly, the game took place in midfield. Japan was waiting at the mid-line when New Zealand started to attack, that fact should be one reason for the slow game. Only Kazuhiro Tsubouchi interrupted a lot of attacks but he couldn’t find a team-mate.

10 more seconds to play and Mitesh Patel passes to Gareth Brooks who stood in front of the goalkeeper, however, the first half was over.


In the second half Japan launched a good attack with Toshiaki Fukuda and Yoshihiro Anai which was saved by James Nation. Now New Zealand played very well and won space. Simon Child was waiting for a pass at the post in minute 44. He scored after a nice combination with Shea McAleese, Bryce Collins and Lloyd Stephenson.

Summing up, the Japanese became not dangerous enough in the circle of New Zealand. Shots on goal by Hiroki Sakamoto and Fukuda were saved by keeper Paul Woolford. Also New Zealand got the chance to score a second goal but Blair Hopping and Burrows hit goalkeeper Hirofumi Miyoshi.

Only Akira Ito tried to fight. For example he won a penalty corner in minute 65 which was frustrated by Brooks. During the last minutes, Fukuda played hectically and missed the goal.

Kevin Towns, coach of New Zealand, has seen more opportunities for Japan in comparison to his own one. To reach the semi-final Towns likes to get at least two points out of the next two matches (against Spain and Australia). • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 25.04.2024

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