03.05.2006 • Het traditionele toernooi voor geestelijk gehandicapten wordt in het programma van de WK ingebouwd. Wel is het uitgebreid tot 3 toernooidagen excl. 1 aankomst en 1 vertrekdag.

» Verdere informatie en registratie (tot 31. Mei 2006)


2006-05-03 • For more than 20 years the city of Mönchengladbach together with the Rheydter Spielverein Hockey and Tennis e.V , the Disabled Sports Club of Mönchengladbach e.V. and the Protestant Foundation “Hephata” have been organizing an Indoor Hockey Tournament for mentally disabled persons, which always takes place on the first Friday of November. At that time – 20 years ago – the tournament was iniciated by Mr. Walter Mayer, member of the Rheydter Spielverein, and Mr. Peter Hilgers, member of the Gladbach Hockey and Tennis Club. They developed hockey rules especially for mentally disabled players and started to play with teams of the same institutions and schools.

This traditional tournament will be part of the BDO World Cup. It will be a 3-day tournament with an extra day each for arrival and departure. This gives international clubs and institutions for disabled players the possibility to participate and enjoy this major event – the BDO Hockey World Cup.

The matches will be at the water-based-pitch divided into mini-hockey-pitches of the Rheydter Spielverein Hockey and Tennis e.V. Attached please find the detailed invitation to the competition as well as slightly modified rules as well as a test to rate the teams. This test should help coaches and managers.

The supporting programme includes the gratis participation of the Opening Ceremony of the BDO Hockey World Cup 2006 at the Warsteiner HockeyPark and a ticket for one WC-match. We also hope to celebrate the finals of the Walter-Mayer-Memorial Tournament at the main stadium at the Warsteiner HockeyPark.

» Bid Invention & Registration Form (PDF)

» Rules & Test (PDF)

For detailed information please contact the Department for Education and Schools and the Rheydter Sportverein:

Marion Langen
     Tel: +49 (0)2161 253931 • Tel: +49 (0)172 2021692
     Voltastrasse 2 • 41061 Mönchengladbach

Helmut Otten
     Tel: +49 (0)2166 924573 • Fax: +49 (0)2166 924575
     Am Gerstacker 155 • 41238 Mönchengladbach



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