2006-05-03 • The BDO World Cup Men in the new Warsteiner HockeyPark in Mönchengladbach (Germany) will as of September 6th certainly offer many a thriller on the playing field. But already previously we will offer you suspense and entertainment.

For the 1st of May "the Rhine-site-story" has started, the first thriller ever that is written specially around a hockey world championship and is published in 91 sequences on the internet. With music, animations and comic strips.

And here is the beginning of the story: A day before the hockey World Cup begins a body is found in the Warsteiner HockeyPark in Mönchengladbach. It is no one less than the president of the German hockey federation Martin Kollweid, who has to be chiselled out of the concrete of the winners podium laboriously . The murder weapon is closely related to the international successes of the German hockey.

How this story continues you can read daily as of May 1st at


Three experienced German thriller authors are writing the story. They were invited to do so by the Mönchengladbach city culture office. The president of the hockey federation will not be the only victim, promise writers Jutta Profijt, Carsten Sebastian Henn and Patricia Vohwinkel. For the three determining principle figures, Chief Commissioner Ulrike von Maybach, landlord and former hockeystar Ulf Kossitzke, as well as the son of the first victim, Alexander Kollweid, only come close to the murderer just before the finals of the real World Cup, 16/17th September.

Even if the story is in German we ask you to visit the website and inform all interested about this special project of the BDO Hockey World Cup, to ensure that as many hockey friends as possible have the opportunity to follow the hockey thriller, because it will not be restricted to pure text:

Four musicians from Krefeld, Mönchengladbach und Chisinau are invited to balance out each second sequence with a soundtrack and publish it on the website.

The eye too is offered more than text, thanks to a threesome of visual artists. These Cologne residents, become well known under the name "18 Metzger" (18 Butchers) through their respectless line art, will add comic strips to the story. Also with comic strips, but stylistic very different, Till Lassmann, co publisher of the German cult comic strip magazine "Herrensahne" (Gentleman's cream), will react on the hockey thriller. Moreover he will contribute some small animation films. Third artist in the Rhine-site-story-team is Mateusz Smolka, a very gifted photographer of only 19, who will present the website-visitors photo lines with his self-willed city- and hockey views.

Enjoy the Rhine-site-story!



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