Tuesday • 2006-09-12

Germany - South Africa   5 : 0

5:0 (2:0)


David Leiper (SCO)
Rob ten Cate (NED)


5'   1:0 Christopher Zeller
32'   2:0 Matthias Witthaus
64'   3:0 Oliver Hentschel
66'   4:0 Matthias Witthaus
69'   5:0 Sebastian Biederlack


Germany made clear from the start they want to win tonight. Already in the fourth minute Jan Marco Montag got the chance to score. One minute later Christopher Zeller deflected a ball by Philipp Crone, the keeper had no opportunity to clear. After the first goal the Germans played strongly, a deflected free hit by Björn Emmerling missed the goal by centimetres. Then Chris Hibbert the South African keeper saved against Moritz Fürste, Matthias Witthaus and Tibor Weißenborn. Germany dominated the first 20 twenty minutes, in especially with the duo Witthaus/Weißenborn which harmonized very well.

After the Germans fell back a bit, South Africa appeared the first time in the German circle with Wayne Madsen and Lungile Tsolekile. That meant goalie Ulli Bubolz interfered the first time in minute 29, he saved a hit by Bruce Jacobs and the bounced ball by Thornton McDade. From the 31st minute the German team became stronger again, Weißenborn passed to Witthaus who went to the left and scored the 2:0. In a counterattack Bubolz was only able to deflect a backhand-stroke by Tsolekile high, but the penalty corner afterwards he cleared without problems.


After the break Germany stood very compact and South Africa didn't get lots of opportunities to open up the game. Nevertheless Bubolz was forced to show his qualities after a ball from Tsolekile which was passed by Madsen. Then he misjared a long ball which hit the post, he kept again the reflected ball shot by Denzil Dolley. Now Hibbert has a lot of good saves against Montag, Nevado, Sebastian Draguhn and Sebastian Biederlack. Oliver Hentschel hit over the cross-bar.

After a penalty corner in minute 56 C. Zeller flicked the ball into Andrew Cronje who kept on running towards him. Cronje was injured and was carried from the pitch.

During the last minutes Germany became strong again and they made a goal every second minute. Witthaus saved a pass by Weißenborn, passed to Draguhn who saw the free Hentschel at the post. So the 3:0 was marked by him. The 4:0 scored by Witthaus who deflected free hit by Weißenborn into the left high-angle in minute 66. The last point was marked by Biederlack who used the rebound of a stroke by C. Zeller. That was also goal number 100 at this World Cup.

The German coach Bernhard Peters was very happy with the performance of his team today, in especially the five goals made him happy because that is nice for the German goal-difference. Moreover he commended the pressing in the second half.


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