Monday • 2006-09-11

Argentina - Pakistan   1 : 0

1:0 (0:0)


Rob ten Cate (NED)
Hong Lae Kim (KOR)


41'   1:0 Matias Damian Vila (PS)


Argentina got the better start into the game but they were not able to complete their combinations. Then Pakistan became stronger, Rehan Butt and Ghazanfar Ali harmonized very well on the right side. During this time of pressure the Argentinean defender Juan Martin Lopez saved a lot. The first big chance for Argentina forgave Lucas Ernan Cammareri; he got a pass by Matias Enrique Paredes and collapsed on keeper Salman Akbar.

The lively Paredes attacked the Pakistani early and intercepted a lot of balls. When Waseem Ahmad saw the green and the yellow card in four minutes, Pakistan backtracked to the mid-line. Now Argentina tried to play across the right side and looked for Mario Nicolas Almada. Akbar saved again, this time against Lucas Vila.

Butt hit over the ball and the specialist for penalty corners, Sohail Abbas, flicked to the bar. In a countermove Akbar denied a shot by Pedro Ibarra who dribbled to the circle with his team-mates.

After the break, the water has pond on the turf. The players slipped and the ball got caught.


In the 41st minute Almada took the ball after a short corner and went to the circle, he let three defenders behind him. He could only get stopped by a foul, so umpire Hong Lae Kim from Korea decided on penalty stroke. Matias Damian Vila flicked to the left, although the corner was anticipated by Akbar. Pakistan got a lot of opportunities to score the equalizer. For example Abbas had seven penalty corners and didn’t use one. Always it was the Argentinean keeper Juan Manuel Vivaldi who saved everything.

The last five minutes the whole Argentinean team defended. Then Vivaldi reached a flick by Abbas by centimetres and cleared to the long corner. After the final whistle Vivaldi jumped around and his team-mates were congratulating. The Pakistani sat down on the pitch for minutes.

The coach of Argentina, Sergio Vigil, was so happy that he got tears in his eyes. His team played their hearts out and left their soul on the pitch. Vigil was overcome with emotions and thanked the whole staff. In especially he named the ex-captain of the team, Alex Doherty, who supported him with tactic devices.

Nasir Ali, the coach of Pakistan, was very disappointed as well but nevertheless he mentioned that his team showed a good performance. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 07.06.2023

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