Monday • 2006-09-11

India - Korea   1 : 2

1:2 (0:0)


Xavier Adel (ESP)
Sumesh Putra (CAN)


46'   1:0 Shivendra Singh
63'   1:1 Jong Hyun Jang (PC)
69'   1:2 Jong Hyun Jang (PC)


It was Korea's penatly corner specialist Jang who won the points to Korea by converting two short corners within the last ten minutes. With India ranking last in pool B this match was supposed to bring three easy points for Korea. But both teams got off to a tentative start unwilling to make the first move. India gained some pace towards the middle of the half with some great combinations that they were, however, unable to convert into goals. The Koreans have looked dangerous in counter attack, and were, like their opponants, unable to make the most of the few chances they created.

The better start into the second half was for India again, with Tirkey in the 48th minute sending a fine pass to India's top attacker Shivendra Singh. The ball was just tipped in by him with a quick move, so the video umpire was needed to confirm the goal. By this time the lead was well-earned, as Korea was way to passive in the game. However the shock was a healthy one, and now the Korean's started their fast counter-play in serious.


Despite the increasing pressure Korea was not able to score until the 63th minute, when Jang destroyed India's hope for a first victory with a nicely converted penalty corner. India fought back, one minute later also getting a corner, but defender Cha was rushing out and ran the ball down. So finally it was Jang again, who in the 68th minute again sent a flick into India's cage after Kang was stopped unfairly, with another penalty corner as a result.

The speedy counter attack by the Koreans earned them their 2:1 victory in a game that otherwise lacked pace throughout. So the Koreans pull well ahead of the Netherlands in Pool B, while India remain with just the one point. • 2006 © Deutscher Hockey-Bund e.V. | gamma software gmbh • Impressum • 07.06.2023

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